Wedding Insurance

When I got married in the 80’s wedding insurance wasn’t a thing I even considered. Many of my friends who were marrying around the same time never thought about it and, somehow, we managed to celebrate in style without any significant incident that would have resulted in an insurance claim.

I’m not saying that wedding insurance is an additional and unnecessary expense, far from it. Had it been readily available in the 80’s it is probably something I would have taken out. You know how it is, better to be safe than sorry – I mean out of pocket! In today’s world with scammers, pandemics, and other major events I think wedding insurance is something to be seriously considered because it can cover all types of disasters such as wedding venue cancellations, cancellation due to sudden bereavement, wedding attire issues (and the list goes on).

I’m not writing this to suggest that one wedding insurance group is any better than another, that’s for you to research, and believe me, there is plenty of information available on the internet to help you decide.

However, I did come across articles that talk about Public Liability Insurance (PLI), who knew? So, this will not cover the things that wedding insurance will take care of, but it does cover you if a guest sustains an injury or there is damage to the wedding venue property (amongst other things). Although not a legal requirement in the United Kingdom at this time, I read that a lot of venues are now asking the bride and groom to supply this type of cover for their big day. There are many thought provoking articles available as to why you should consider taking out PLI but here is one link that sums it up in a nutshell and is worth the read.

Remember, keep safe and don’t panic.