Wedding invitation

The Wedding Invitation

There are many things to think about as you plan your big day. Ceremony, reception, cars, cake, outfits, hats, flowers – the list seems endless. One of the most important things to think about (after you have selected your cars!!) are the wedding invitations. According to wedding invitations should be sent out six to eight weeks in advance of your wedding.
Bespoke is the word!! Depending on your budget the invitation can take the form of simple elegance, loud and funny or outstandingly lavish. No matter what the budget is, the invitations will provide the guests with an indication of the level of formality you are aiming for on your wedding day. Without the invitation your guests will not have the information they need – because after all, with the planning and preparation you have put into the day you need your guests to know where they are going and the time they need to be there!
The design of the invitation is all down to personal choice. Gone are the days of purchasing standard ‘template type’ invitations and filling in the blanks. Now, with easy access to the internet and various websites you can design and make them at home. However, in today’s busy society, and with lots of wedding planning to do, most couples simply don’t have the time to do this and look for professional printers to assist them with their design and printing. But how do you know you are going to get the quality, design and finish you desire?
Personal recommendation is always a good place to start. Read the reviews on their website, ask to look at samples, or photographs of work they have done before – this will assist you in making your decision. A good printer will work with you to get the invitation you are looking for and, at Candeo Wedding Carriages we can thoroughly recommend Hot Metal Press in Elsecar, Barnsley. Steve (the owner) is a great guy who will go through the whole process with you, explaining anything you don’t understand. If you don’t live in Barnsley don’t worry, Steve and his team will post them out to you. is their website, or you can contact them via Candeo.