Wrapped wedding gift

The Wedding Gift

The history of gift giving at weddings wasn’t really something that was common practice until the 1920’s.
Before that, to make the wedding less expensive for the bride and groom, and to give them a start to married life, a dowry was paid. The first dowries are reported to have taken place around 2000BC and frequently were paid to the parents of the bride – a tradition that still happens in some cultures.
Many shops have wedding registry’s where the engaged couple can register their preferences regarding household objects. Although there are couples who prefer not to choose this option, many wedding guests prefer this method. It ensures they are purchasing gifts that are wanted and will be used.
However, because some couples are already living together and have their homes furnished, they prefer novel gifts, such as cookery lessons, or donations towards their honeymoon fund. Whatever you choose to give, remember, it’s a celebration of the couples love that you are commemorating.