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The Wedding Breakfast

The wedding breakfast has been part of the big day for a very long time, and it’s when, traditionally, all the speeches take place. It is a meal of celebration, one shared with friends and family. Initially, the wedding breakfast would be held immediately following the wedding which took place after mass. The whole wedding party would fast before mass and so for the bride and groom this was their first meal.

Today, the name is used as a reminder that this is the first meal for the newly married couple, the first meal after the ceremony.

It is very unusual to find two wedding breakfasts to be identical. The breakfast is usually unique to the happy couple and reflects personal choice and personalities.

We at Candeo have been thinking about delicious wedding breakfast menus and wonder if you would you like to share your wedding breakfast ideas with us on our Facebook page?

No matter how cheap or expensive, it’s good to share and it may give some of our followers’ inspiration for their big day…….

Let’s start off with this one:
A recent wedding breakfast we heard about was one of when fish and chips in newspaper were served directly from a ‘wedding’ fish and chip van. They were absolutely delicious we were told, and what’s more, it had saved the bride and groom a fortune on catering costs..