Stress Free Wedding Transport

Minimizing Wedding Day Stress.

Here at Candeo we do everything in our power to ensure that your time with us on your wedding day is as stress free as possible. This is why we aim to speak with all our customers 2-3 days before the wedding to confirm all the details, check postcodes and, where necessary, make the appropriate changes. Of course, to offer reassurance is another reason why we phone.

There was a time we seem to remember when the traffic on a Saturday and Sunday was light when compared to weekday traffic. Sadly, however, this is no longer appears to be the case. Therefore, it is important to plan the journey times well, especially if using only one wedding car for multiple journeys. If the journeys are short, for example 5-10 minutes each way, and there aren’t a lot of them, it shouldn’t leave the wedding party standing too long waiting for the brides’ arrival. However, any longer than this then it would make sense to think about using a couple of cars for the journeys, otherwise you may encounter delays that you were not expecting.

Whether you hire a second car, (and there are some great multi-car discounts available at Candeo) or you have a family member willing to transport the bridesmaids on the day, we promise, it will help to reduce the stress levels enormously. Oh yes, one more thing, if you are just using the one car for your transport requirements then don’t forget to arrange for the bridesmaids to get to the reception. Believe it or not, we have encountered stranded bridesmaids on a few occasions following the ceremony so don’t make the same mistake and leave your wedding party stranded at the church!!