Ella & Jake’s Wedding Planning Journey I

The Ceremony Venue.

There are lots of articles online these days that give guidance regarding timelines for wedding planning, where to have it and how to do it!

Questions are raised such as how far in advance should we start planning? Is twelve months long enough or do I need longer? Could I plan the big day in as little as a few weeks? Well let me tell you, I chat with lots of brides and grooms and now know that anything is possible!

Jake and I, however, have adopted the phrase “slow and steady wins the race”. Our wedding is planned for 2025 and some would say why so far in advance? We have our own personal reasons for the date we selected, unfortunately, we must wait until 2025 before it comes around again! In the meantime, we decided to get the major items like the church and the reception booked and ticked off our to-do list.

Why a church wedding you might ask? – here comes the history bit!! – Until around 1863 the only venues in England where you could legally marry was a church. With the changing of time, however, it has now become legal to marry in various locations such as town halls, hotels, manor houses and castles to name but a few.
I could list here the pros and cons of church weddings; I could also list the pros and cons of a civil wedding ceremony but it’s not why I’m writing this blog. Let’s face it, you could go onto any search engine and ask for the good and bad points of any type of wedding, and you will be provided with pages of the information you are seeking. It doesn’t matter what your choice of ceremony venue is, the reason I am doing this is to share my thoughts and experiences with you in the hope that you might be able to take something positive from it and it will help with your own planning.

It’s our own personal choice to marry in church, and, in our case, we have strong family links to the beautiful village church of St. Nicholas in High Bradfield. It is steeped in history dating back to the 1480’s, (although it is believed the original church was founded in 1109). Not only were my (Ella) parents married in this church, my sister, daughter, and I were all baptised here as will our new baby son be in the coming months. As a little girl I dreamed of marrying here, and now, Jake and I would like the connection we have to this church, and what it means to us, to remain in our family through future generations. I’m not going to chat about the religious aspects of a church wedding because I appreciate that it is a personal choice.
You will all have your own reasons for the type of ceremony you choose. There are no wrong reasons here, it’s your day and you have the right to celebrate it in your own individual way. You probably won’t be able to please everyone so don’t stress yourself out by trying to.

Keep safe & stay calm!

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