Congratulations……… It’s an engagement!!

To those of you who know us and know Ella and Jake, you will join us in congratulating them on their very recent engagement.  How romantic, they went out for an evening walk and whilst feeding the local ducks, Jake popped the question, and guess what? She said……YES!  The occasion was marked with a beautiful engagement ring.

So today we have been talking in the office about marriage proposals and, being the curious group of people that we are, we decided to have a little search on the internet to find out how things used to be done.

There is a lot of history and information out there about proposals over the years.  However, the thing that made us laugh out loud the most was an article published by Shining Diamonds Forever

We were astonished to find out that cavemen tied braided grass cords around their chosen partners wrists, ankles, and waist to dampen down their inner spirit – Well, all we can say is it’s a good job you are not a caveman Jake because we can’t quite imagine Ella agreeing to having her inner spirit controlled!

In most cultures, to mark the acceptance of the proposal today, the engagement ring has become the gift which is now seen as the perfect way to show a couple’s intended commitment to each other without any cavemen traditions getting in the way!!

Let the wedding planning begin…….