Come on Craig ! …Write your speech !!!

Yikes!!!… with only a few weeks to go Craig (Magan’s Dad) still hasn’t put pen to paper when it comes to his Father of the bride speech.

Laughing it off and joking about “winging it” seems to be the approach most fathers take, but deep down the thought of delivering their speech is filling them with dread. Let’s be honest, our Dads wouldn’t dream of telling us how much they’re panicking, after all, it’s not a tricky subject… is it? 

At this point, a lot of Dad’s are wishing they’d had a boy …so they could talk about goals, wickets and bikes rather than ballet shoes and make-up.

So, with the added incentive of helping our Craig we’ve put together a few tips that might help to get something onto the blank piece of paper that seems to have been staring you in the face since forever:-

  1. Start by thanking the guests – mention a few that have travelled a long way.
  2. Welcome your new son-in-law, even more importantly, welcome his family and encourage both families to mix and mingle during the wedding celebrations
  3. Tell everyone how much you think of your new son-in-law and how you felt when you first met him.
  4. Tell a couple of jokes but KEEP THEM CLEAN!!! …PLEASE  
  • Now for the scary bit… talk about your daughter… pick a few from this list and link your words to what a lovely lady she has turned out to be:
    • Funniest moment – outfits, hairstyles, makeovers she’s had over the years    
    • Naughtiest moment – her first tantrum, scrapping with a sibling or refusing to share, getting detention 
    • Scariest moment – learning to ride a bike, going clubbing for the first time
    • Most annoying habit – sneaking out of bed (as a child), losing her purse (as a teenager)
    • Your favourite time together – a holiday / weekend away
    • Your proudest moments – school, job, kids  
  • Quote a line from a song or a film that describes what love means to you and a recommendation for the couple to remember. We like “To me, you are perfect” ~ Love Actually
  • Share a surprise about the bride – something that even the groom maybe didn’t know
  • Thank the mother of the bride
  • Raise a toast to the happy couple and use a quote – we like: “To keep your marriage brimming with love in the cup, whenever you’re wrong admit it; whenever you’re right, shut up.”

When you’ve noted down all your ideas, you’ll need to run your speech past a couple of trusted friends to make sure it flows well, it’s entertaining and it’s funny without being too rude…or cringeworthy. Ask for their honest feedback. Most of all, make sure at this stage that you’re not going to take too long to get through it … you don’t want people to start looking at their watches.

Next, think about how you’re going to remember your speech – you could write the whole thing down and read it directly from your script on the day, but if you lose your place you’ve blown it!! We recommend that you write it out in full a few times, rehearse it a few times and then whittle it down to a few bullet points so that you’ll have some poetic license to “ad lib” on the day… if you’re feeling brave enough. Whatever you do and however petrified you feel, you can take solace in the fact that you are the warm up act and the audience are really waiting to hear from the best man … so relax, stay calm and don’t steal his thunder…GOOD LUCK CRAIG!!!!